Colour For Well Being
Vanessa Volpe
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Colour for Well being
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Based on individual assessments and local health and education priorities, a programme of stand-alone workshops and on-going sessions using colour, creativity and personal development  increase self-esteem and well-being.

Designed and developed as suitable for small group use (approx 8 persons) these sessions provide a unique combination of occupational therapy and colour awareness techniques that are tailored to create positive outcomes in a range of occupations.



A peer-reviewed evaluation based on the success of the innovative Northamptonshire Learning on Prescription pilot project is now available.

Parkes, J. H. and Volpe, V. (2012), ‘Colour for well-being: Exploring adult learners’ responses to utilizing colour as a therapeutic tool’, Journal of Applied Arts & Health 3: 3, pp. 275-293, doi: 10.1386/jaah.3.3.275_1



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Enhanced CRB certificate
“I learned so much, and had so much fun,
when is the next workshop?”
– Colour therapy student
“…have learned exercises and skills to use for life. Thank you.”
– Colour for Well Being participant
“The techniques I have learned are brilliant and I use them daily”
– Colour for Well Being participant 


 “the workshop on Sunday was great and like nothing i’ve experienced before. I didn’t have any expectations and came with an open mind, but it was fascinating”

RB, health professional.