Colour For Well Being
Vanessa Volpe
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Colour for Well being
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Colour Play

This fascinating and challenging approach is being developed with regular workshops.
Experiential workshops are based on psychodynamic approaches to promote colour awareness
and assist with profound life changes. 

Explore your relationship with colour, find out how different colours are helping or hindering in making life changes.


“I just wanted to thank you once more for your guidance and support through our Colour play sessions.
I feel, through the sessions, I have learnt to understand myself so much better and, with this knowledge, have improved relationships and everyday actions. This has all been of great benefit to my well being.
It has been a special time, with lovely people, and new friendships made”. AW, Colour Play 2014




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“I think colour is wonderful…I recommend trying it out, it is amazing how it works.. you have got to experience it to fully believe in it’s power! This is especially evident in the colour play days that I have attended, I have found these days offer me great insights into my ‘Story’ and create a supportive and safe environment in which to experiment with colour”
– AS
“…It all started with my fear of green. Sometimes it’s been challenging and hard work but it has been worth it. My life has changed for the better I have stopped doing things I felt obliged to do and now looking to new horizons, challenges and opportunities. I would never have been able to consider doing the things I’m doing now two years ago. It’s been an amazing experience…I’m still working on issues and continue to experiment with colour, most importantly, I am grateful to have been able to work at my own speed.”
– Linda, Local Government Officer
 “…trusted enough to open their souls as we all did. It felt very safe! Credit to you Vanessa as a good therapist…the workshop reminded me what I have achieved…”
Colour Play participant and colour enthusiast, 2013