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Vanessa Volpe
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Colour for Well being
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Aura Light Colour Harmonics

Introductory Day – Workshops
Level I – training
Level II – training
Level III – training

Level I

An in depth introduction to Aura Light colour therapy
3 complete days for you – learn, reflect, and explore your personal awareness and inner power
On successful completion you will:

  • Know how to do a “today” consulation
  • Ability to apply Aura Light teachings to self, and others
  • CPD for all colour therapists
Includes full course notes.
Facilitated by Vanessa Volpe.
For prices and booking go to the contact page and fill in the enquiries form.

Level II and III details on request.

The use of Aura Light or other colour systems are not intended to diagnose, treat, replace, or be used as medical intervention.  Opinion has been shared across cultures, and through time and most evidence is anecdotal. Please speak with your GP regarding your health concerns and to locate a traditional occupational therapist.

“I have done an introduction course in Aura Light with Vanessa and have signed up for the Level 1 training”


“Thank you for opening up not only my eyes to colour, but my whole being”

E.S Aura Light student



“I just wanted to thank you for the enjoyable, informative, and colourful day we shared yesterday.

I have bought away with me, from the day, a feeling of well being and enlightenment.

Thank you once again. More days like this please!”

AW, Spring 2014