Colour For Well Being
Vanessa Volpe
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Colour for Well being
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Be Well Northamptonshire

Bringing relief from stressful events. Helping people with emotional problems caused by abnormal life events and using particular complementary therapies that have been found to be effective with this kind of problem.

This is a project working in association with Oxford Street Therapy Centre and Maple Access Partnership.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is still suffering stress and difficulties after traumatic experiences, such as accidents, assaults, harassment, burglary and other kinds of disturbing or threatening events including the sudden death of someone close.
We offer a free initial consultation to explain the service and discuss how these interventions may help you.
Then a series of regular treatment sessions to help you overcome your difficulties.
How does it work?
Anecdotally, Neuro-Muscular Transmission (NMT) treatments release the energy patterns of disturbed emotions from the mind-body system, allowing you to be yourself again, calm and relaxed. The emotions we feel are our subjective experience of our own energies. By working directly with energies, we bypass the need to consciously re-experience traumatic events in order to rework them.
During NMT therapy you lie comfortably on a couch, fully clothed, and you will find that you relax and rest while the healing takes place. Sometimes the work may be done while you are seated in a chair.
Appointments available with Vanessa in Northampton and Wellingborough. To book an appointment go to the Contact Page and fill in the enquiries form.
For appointments in Northampton speak with your GP or Key worker direct.  See you soon!