Colour For Well Being
Vanessa Volpe
m: +44 (0)7867 532 040
Colour for Well being
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Aura Light

Aura Light has developed a colour consultation system and a wide range of colour aromatic essences. This system of dual colour bottles is said to be a tool for unveiling your life path. The colours will explore your perception on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Vanessa will take you on a journey of self discovery by guiding you with key questions uncovering the past, recognising patterns, the present and your future potential.The colour’s message relates to the traditional chakra energy system, e.g. red relates to the base chakra whilst violet corresponds to the crown chakra. Aura Light combines aromatic essential oils, herb, gem and other natural vibrations to form a harmonic structure. UK distributor of Aura Light oils and essences.

For prices or to book an appointment go to the Contact Page and fill in the enquiries form. For Northamptonshire 50 minute appointments allow 1 hour.

UK Teacher Level I, II, and III
Gift vouchers also available.The use of Aura Light or other colour systems are not intended to diagnose, treat, replace, or be used as medical intervention.  Opinion has been shared across cultures, and through time and most evidence is anecdotal. Please speak with your GP regarding your health concerns and to locate a traditional occupational therapist.
aura light

“It was really interesting and amazing. Been wearing pinks and reds yesterday and green today. Feels quite different , also noticing the pinks and reds/greens around more…. so work in progress!!!”
– BR