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Individual Intervention

A course of individual therapy sessions are available in the Northampton and Wellingborough area, and are presently being expanded within the UK and Europe.Individual interventions are created in response to your requirements and an initial assessment.  Treatments includes occupational therapy, colour for well-being recommendations,  Neuro-Muscular Transmission, and other techniques.
Enhanced CRB certificate Enhanced CRB certificate
Therapy is designed to complement, not replace, medical intervention recommended by your GP. If necessary, speak with your GP regarding your health concerns and to locate a traditional occupational therapist.For prices or to book an appointment go to the Contact Page and fill in the enquiries form.
For Northamptonshire 50 minute appointments allow 1 hour.

For further information about individual interventions please click the links below:

Aura Light Aura Light Aura Light
Aura Light Occupational Therapy
“We refer some of our patients to Vanessa to help with stress relief, anxiety, low mood, pain and other problems. The therapy isn’t for everyone, but those who attend regularly state it helps improve sleep, reduce pain, improves self esteem, and enables lifestyle changes following trauma, bereavement and other stressful events. This contributes to our patients’ overall occupational health and well-being as they find inner resources, skills and confidence to make positive changes in many aspects of their lives”.



Dr Simon Tickle, Lead GP with a special interest in substance misuse, complex needs and mental health.


“I have been seeing Vanessa for 1:1
appointments for the last year and have found
them very beneficial. Vanessa is very
supportive and understanding and when I have
needed additional help she has assisted me in
sourcing it. I feel very comfortable opening up
to her as I know she is non judgmental and
has a gentle approach to her healing”.

– Anne, private practice
“I feel so relaxed now.”
– Client, private practice
“I’m not sure what you did, but I’ve felt different
all week, able to manage, the stress has gone.
I just came back to say thank you.”
– Teacher, private practice
“I had my first good night’s sleep in weeks,
thank you.”
– Male with persistent knee pain, private practice